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SGAR Awards

Southern Gateway Association of REALTORS takes time to reflect on the accomplishments of its members in the industry.  Awards are given based on volume of sales during the year, number of years an agent has been in the industry, recognition of top "rookie" in the business, and top "lifetime" agent.   Below are the applications for each award.  Please read through them carefully and fill out your applications or nominations for the SGAR Awards.

Applications are due by February 16, 2024.

SGAR Award Banquet celebrating the year 2023 is scheduled on May 2, 2024.  See the event calendar for updates on the event.

Volume Award

2023 Volume Award Individual or Team Application   (click title to see application)

Volume Awards Qualifications

Individual and Teams have separate applications this year.

The Volume Award gives recognition to REALTORS® who have proven their diligence
by listing, selling and/or leasing high volume of real estate property.

The following must be completed when submitting the Volume Award Applications by February 16, 2024

  • MLS Agent Production & Inventory Report (see instructions on Page 4 & 5 of Volume Award Application)
  • Volume Award Application filled out & signed by the broker & applicant/main team member. If the applicant is the broker/office manager, the Southern Gateway Association of REALTORS® Awards Chair and President will sign the application.
  • If an adjustment needs to be made to the total sales volume or sides the “Sales Volume Adjustment Award Form” must be filled out & turned in by February 16, 2024 along with the application. The applicant’s broker must sign the Sales Volume Adjustment Form, if attached to application.


If the agent's and broker/office manager’s signatures are not on the Award of Excellence application, the application will
be sent back for a signature.  (Must be returned by the deadline time or will be disqualified).

Sales Volume/Sides Guidelines:

  1. When a REALTOR® sells a property, the credit is for the actual price of the property, or one side. (If shared, see #4)
  2. When a REALTOR® lists a property and the property is sold, the listing person receives credit for the actual
    sales price, or one side. (If shared, see #4)
  3. When a REALTOR® both lists and sells a property, full credit is given for each side of the transaction.
  4. When two or more REALTORS® list or sell a property on a shared basis, the actual dollar sales price, or one side shall be divided between the REALTORS® as agreed upon when listed or sold. This applies to both in-office and
    inter-office transactions.
  5. Lease will be counted as a sale in the amount of the total lease payment; volume credited in the same ratio as commission received. (EXAMPLE:  For a three-year lease where the commission is received in one lump sum, applicant can take total lease credit during one year.  If the commission is paid one-third each year, applicant can only take one-third credit on the lease on his/her application).  Lease Option/Lease Purchase is not counted until closed.  Credit for leases will be counted in volume only.  They will not be counted as sides.
  6. Listings, sales, and leases can be residential, commercial, industrial, farm, and mobile homes as part of a deed conveyance or any type of real property. No sales other than real estate contract sales price can be counted toward membership in the Volume Awards Program.
  7. Outgoing referrals are not included.
  8. A buyer’s agent, selling unlisted property, may claim credit on the sales side only.
  9. Contracts, closing statements, and/or leases must be supplied for verification upon request.
  10. The Volume Awards Program is a local Board administered program and all decisions of the Southern Gateway Association of REALTORS® are final.
  11. When applicants are on a team the team member volume will be determined by the team leader and sales volumes can only be utilized once.
  12. A REALTOR® shall be recognized as an individual OR a team but cannot be both.


Transfers  If an applicant transferred offices for that award year, the application must be signed by the current broker/office manager.


Eligibility  The applicant must be a member in good standing with the Southern Gateway Association of REALTORS® when making application.

Sales Volume Adjustment Form
Year Award
Affiliate of the Year
LIfetime Achievement Award
Rookie of the Year
Service Award
MLS Agent Production Inventory Report Directions
High School Scholarship Application
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